What’s New?

New – Consigner fee is now $16, but includes your envelope and stamp for the consignor check.

At time drop off, every consignor that will be picking up unsold items must leave one tote. Container/bin, per every 40 items. This will allow our break down shift organize your unsold items for you to pick up.

  • Write your last name and consignor number on an 8×10 paper and use packing tape on front of bin.
  • ╬Łew inspection procedures will go into effect in the 2018 season. Please allow AT LEAST one hour for drop off. You may need longer depending on the amount of items that are accepted. You are responsible for putting your items in the correct area and in the correct size.
  • You may not use your volunteer time to pick up items or drop off items.
  • At Consignor drop off, you must fill out agreement ( we will provide this season) with the number of items you are dropping off.